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Calm Down Mermaid

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With life tugging us in so many directions, it's easy to find ourselves overstimulated and overwhelmed. Calm Down, Mermaid is the perfect mix of lavender, vetiver, frankincense, clary sage and sweet marjoram essential oils to help calm and ground you after a long day.

Each Calm Down Mermaid Bubble Truffle is white in color and is covered in pink biodegradable glitter on one side and blue biodegradable glitter on the other.

Each package contains three bubble truffles.

Kid safe: YES

How to use: Hold or crumble Bubble Truffle under running water for a tubful of luxurious bubbles.

Ingredients: baking soda, cream of tarter, cocamidopropyl betaine (derived from coconut), SLSA (derived from coconut and/or palm), lavender EO, vetiver EO, frankincense EO, clary sage EO, sweet marjoram EO, biodegradable glitter.