What are Bubble Truffles?
Bubble Truffles are a solid bar that can be held or broken up under running water to create a tub full of long lasting bubbles. All products are hand made and may vary in appearance and variety.

How long do Bubble Truffles last?
Bubble Truffles are made to last indefinitely, however the biodegradable glitter may lose color over time. The scent of the essential oils may also weaken with time.

Talk to me about your packaging.
We love our earth and want to do our part to protect it for this generation and future generations. That's why we choose to use environmentally friendly packaging that is biodegradable and compostable.

But, glitter…?
Glitter is nobody’s best friend. 
As parents, we G E T it.
We use a biodegradable glitter that disintegrates in water and doesn’t leave behind any trace. We mean it because we are serious about clean fun.
So when the fun is done the mess is gone.

Can I eat Bubble Truffles?
We know that they look good enough to eat, but please don’t eat them. Just don’t.

What is a smelling salt?
Smelling salts are herbs and essential oils mixed with salt and both a fun and functional way to benefit from essential oils. Simply waft the smelling salt vial under your nose and inhale slowly and deeply. Each vial is portable making them easy to use virtually anywhere. They are also long-lasting and meant to be used over and over.

Do you ship outside of the United States?
We only ship within the United States currently. 

What if I live close? Can I just skip shipping and pick my order up myself?
Yes! At checkout, you may choose to ship your order or choose local pickup to save on shipping costs. 

Can I find your products in retail stores?
Aside from our website, you can currently find our products in-store at Terra Shepard Boutique and Apothecary (Sioux Falls, SD) and Elegant Mommy (Sioux Falls, SD).

Can I order your products in bulk or customize them for parties or events?
Yes! Please contact us to discuss large (50+ packs) or custom orders. Expected turnaround time for special orders is about 10 days or so.